Ann Rule Deconstructed, Prison Version 2.0

This new story was just published and is available for $4.99 as an e-pub or PDF. It contains more than 80 photographs (most in color) and 480 pages. Adults Only due to explicit sexual content.

WARNING: Ann Rule Deconstructed exposes book author Ann Rule to be a fraud, liar, and fiction writer. To accomplish this it was absolutely ncessary to relate the harsh, truthful details about:

A petite, movie star beautiful medical doctor in Portland, Oregon has a disturbing practice of permanently branding her male sex partners; A runner-up Miss Oregon becomes a very successful, high-end money-for-sex escort earning more than $3,000,000.00 in cash in 30 months; A Playmate of the Year gorgeous married Seattle trial attorney becomes a full partner and head of litigation for the Garvey Schubert & Barer law firm, and while still being a nursing mother to her 4-month old son, experiences the greatest sexual fantasy of her life with a major male porn star in an all afternoon tryst at the Seattle Hilton; A strikingly beautiful woman and member of American MENSA who works as a second grade elementary school teacher enjoys a surreal but secret life as a full-on couples swinger in Bellevue, Washington; a Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa tall beauty seeks psychological counseling during her divorce and ends up in a SEXUAL AFFAIR with her treating psychiatrist; and more.

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NOTE: This book is NOT recommended for any individual who suffers from SEXUAL REPRESSION or is unable to read graphic descriptions of consensual sexual relations between adults without becoming offended.

Reviews for Ann Rule Deconstructed

Re: Cunningham v . State of Oregon et al., Marion County Circuit Court, No. 12C 16124 Ann Rule Deconstructed (ARD) had its first breath of life June 2009. Over the following two years, until it was completed, ARD struggled to survive. When the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) became aware of the content of ARD they relentlessly tried to prevent its completion. Refinements (editing) were needed but could not be done since the ODOC refused to allow the manuscript or excerpts to pass through the prison mailroom as either outgoing or incoming mail.

Despite these obstacles I completed the book which I now refer to as Prison Version 1 . 1 . It was a challenge to get a copy of the manuscript out of the penitentiary . It became necessary to file a civil lawsuit in an effort to complete and transfer my work. It has always been and is still a pitched battle.

'Friends' of the ODOC are embarrassingly exposed in ARD. These 'friends' include Ann Rule and they do not want this book published . ARD also examines the long-prevalent political corruption of the Oregon criminal justice system. Our elected judges are wholly beholden to the wealthy and influential members of our community who are needed to contribute to their (re-)election campaigns. ARD needed to be written.

In its present unedited format ARD is a brutally honest depiction of the truth. Granted you have to be open-mined to read it, but it is a valued source of information. It also provides a glimpse of the exculpatory evidence the State police destroyed or hid from my criminal defense, and it is a treatise of why and who killed CHERYL KEETON Cunningham. It also explains why Ann Rule et al. and the State of Oregon want me to die in prison.

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

University of Washington (Seattle)

Attended Portland State University for a Masters in Economics (9 elective credit hours remaining)

Maintained two academic and one athletic scholarship (football) while attending the University of Washington

3.6 GPA in the Masters Program at Portland State University

Licensed pilot (IFR)

Certified diver

Qualified as expert court witness in the areas of: commercial construction; real estate appraisal; and income-property financing

Incarcerated since March 1993; conviction overturned in 2001

'Okay I read Cunningham's version and ya gotta wonder what the deal is. Why would "they" not want it printed? Politics? I'm sorry but it seems to me that if there are people so upset about Cunningham's side of the story, enough to attemp to stop it, those people must feel there is something to defend. What is that? A big lie?'

Sent by a reader who prefers to remain annonymous.

'Seldom have I found a "true story" that is as interesting and easy to read as Ann Rule Deconstructed.'

J.R. Oslund USMC

'Well-done, interesting, provocative and maybe a little shocking... ARD is unexpectedly eye opening to how corrupt our criminal justice system has become... and how easily the truth is ignored and then forgotten.'

A. Batty Federal Air Controler, Ret.

'I found ARD offered a lot of insight into the unreasonable and deliberate manipulation of the facts by Ann Rule who took the liberty to call her story a true story. . . It also gives the reader a peek into the corrupt justice system and the criminals who control the system. Brad Cunningham gave intimate details of his relationships and the love for the women in his life, showing that he was not the controling, manipulating or jealous man that Ann Rule wants you to believe. Ann Rule did not just pick Mr. Cunningham for her twisted take she went much further by inserting herself into his life and using her influences with the justice system to further cause harm to both he and his children. When you profit from death as Ann Rule does you are a crook in the worst way and that should be a crime.'

Shawn Harris Published music producer/musician

'Compelling! The truth about Ann Rule's perversion of the facts for financial gain and her influence on the justice system in decline.'

T. Gulley, Businessman USMC