About Inmate Scribes

Inmate Scribes is a communication firm dedicated to providing prisoners with the best tools and resources needed to accomplish their goals. Whether those goals are networking, business, entertainment, friendship, or even research, we are here to help.

Our business model is built around a simple and intuitive concept: our customers purchase credits, which are then added to their account to be used at their discretion. There are no signup fees, no monthly plans, or even an expiration of when they can use their account with us.

Our credits are available for use on many of our excellent services. Our prices are the most reasonable, being as we have taken large technological advancements to ensure that much of the process is systemized and quickly executed. We offer a full array of services, such as Facebook, email, Google searches, dating Sites, penpal ads, photo editing, friend finding, full Intelius reports, and typing services. Every time a customer requests an order, it will be processed within 5-business days (barring complications), and mailed back via the USPS. Every customer will be a assigned their own personal agent with which they will communicate their individual needs. We also accept clients who wish to be managed through Jpay, Corrlinks, Access and others. This can reduce our service time down by over half!

Inmate Scribes is a family based company, started by Brendan Jay. After serving 8 years in state prison and seeing the dire need for a viable prisoner-assistance company, Brendan, along with his wife, Lucy, and his mother, Renee, created the proprietary system we now use today for hundreds of customers.

If you know of anyone who might benefit by our services, please, make an account with us, and from there you'll be able to efforlessly signup an inmate for our services and manage their credit balance. Thank you for visiting, and thank you for using Inmate Scribes!

Brendan Jay -- CEO