What Is Inmate Scribes?

We are a family-ran company providing online, clerical services to inmates and prisoners around America. We have been in business since 2011 and have first hand dealt with the trials of supporting someone who is incarcerated. We offer email, penpal sites, dating sites, social media, Google searches, photoshopping, friend finding, people searches, and much, much more! We also offer our clercial services though Jpay, Access Corrections, Corrlinks and many others. This, combined with our automated email retrieval system, means your mail is never more than a few days away and you'll always be up to date on your messages, notifications, and account activity. What makes us unique is our "credit-system" whereby your account never expires, there are no monthly/yearly fees, and you'll always be able to contact one of our personal agents in a time of need. (Hey! That rhymed!)

New Customers Will Receive a Free Email Account!

Why Choose Inmate Scribes?

Every Penny Counts

We know that being incarcerated is not financially easy. That is why our service requires no monthly or yearly fees. Buy credits, use them when you want to. No expiration, no hidden fees, no hassle!

Personalized Customer Care

All of our customers have their own personally assigned agent that they write to. This one-on-one engagement allows our staff to tailor their services to the customer, not the other way around!

Connect With The People Who Matter

Aside from being a resource to meet new people, Inmate Scribes also offers a great way for prisoners to stay connected with thier existing friends and family. Try our email and Facebook services!

Our company works on a simple, easy to use system. All of our services can be bought for "credits." Every service we offer requires a different amount of credits. When purchased, your credits do not expire, there are no account service fees, monthly charges or hidden costs. Use your credits as you need them and not a moment before! Our pricing system is also easy as cake: one credit sells for one penny. See the table below to learn more about our pricing. These are just a few of the services we offer, if you would like to see the full service listing, click here.

Service Price Description
Open a New Account 350 Credits ($3.50) This is the charge for opening any one of the many accounts we offer our clients. Ranging from penpal sites, dating sites, social media to WordPress, Email and Cloud Storage.
Find a Friend on Facebook 150 Credits ($1.50) Want to find a long lost friend or high school sweetheart? Looking for that distant relative you haven't spoken to in a while? This service allows you to re-capture lost connections while staying in contact with the people who matter.
Photoshop a Picture 500 Credits ($5.00) Want a person removed from a photo? Background changed? Text added? Any photo you have stored with us can be touched up, cropped, altered, or made in a custom fashion to suit your needs. All for five dollars!
Purchase Full Intelius Report 500 Credits ($5.00) Want a comprehensive search done on a person? Showing past addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and relative names? For $5.00, you can